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Apple Updates iOS 8.1.2, Only to Fix Ringtones

Apple’s latest operating system iOS 8 has not been as smooth as it was thought to be. Since it release the company has rolled out many bug fixes that this upgrade caused Apple users. Remember the very first fix and update came out just two days after this new operating system’s release. It seems Apple is not doing proper testing of its software before rolling it out to the masses.iOS-8-Logo-2

This Wednesday i0S 8.1.2 released and it fixed a few bugs in the mobile operating system. One of the important bugs was regarding iTunes Store as users repeatedly lost all the ringtones they purchased.


You can now restore your tunes by visiting the iTunes Store. The Apple community calls it a minor bug fix when compared to all the previous updates of the OS. But Apple needs to be careful as highest number of customer base is using this mobile operating system right now.

But there are still many ongoing problems that this update is unable to fix. Even after iOS 8.1.2 Apple phones running it face Wi-Fi issues, Bluetooth bugs and poor battery.

One major problem with Apple is that it does not release the new updates for developer testing; instead all consumers get to update it without being thoroughly tested. This is the root of all problems going on right now. Many are waiting for a bigger update that addresses major issues and not trivial ones like the ringtone issue Apple just fixed.

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