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T-Mobile re-introduces unlimited 4G LTE family plan for $100 for two lines

T-Mobile (NYSE:TMUS) on Wednesday announced unlimited 4G LTE family plan for consumers starting at $100 per month for two people. The company stated that the plan is one-of-a-kind in America when compared with other leading carriers like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T.



The Simple Choice family plan can include up to 10 family members with $40 per additional member after the initial $100 for two persons. The unlimited family plan also offers the Un-carrier “Simple-choice” that does not include any annual service contracts or domestic overages. The plan that will be available in 120+ countries and destinations will provide added benefits like next-gen Wi-Fi calling, in-flight messaging, unlimited talk-and-text and unmetered music streaming.”T-Mobile’s unlimited 4G LTE plan is a simpler, saner alternative to the carrier’s gigabyte games” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile.

Legere stated that it is time to end confusing promotions and free consumers from hidden data charges. The limited time plan at $100 will be offered for less-data using consumers that will offer 10GB of LTE data for a family of four (2.5GB per line). The company also announced 4G LTE data for businesses starting at $100 for two employees and any number of lines can be added at $40 each. A small plan for the business employees priced at $100 with 4 lines and 10GB of data is also offered.

The company 4G LTE Simple Choice family plan on America’s fastest growing LTE network is priced considerably lower than other U.S carriers. After signing up, users need not worry about the plans even if the offer expires as the plan will continue until deactivation. Sprint offers similar type of plan for $320, Verizon plan is priced at $360 (40Gb shared data) and AT&T’s 40Gb shared data plan priced at $210. T-Mobile claims to offer the simple Un-carrier plans that have more value and is less confusing than other shared data plans offered by other carriers.

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