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A well planned and unparalleled crime: Forensic experts on Sony Pictures hack

The recent Sony Pictures’ hack where a lot of private information was hacked was the biggest hack of 2014. The security experts were negligent about the safety measures and this led to such a massive attack. Sony faced a severe blow as the hacker group Guardians of Peace caused a lot of damage by leaking a lot of private data about employees and celebrities associated with Sony Pictures Entertainment.sonypictureshack-640x1136

The experts investigating this hack and leak said that it was a well-planned and unparalleled crime to this date. The organized group who was responsible for hacking the company’s private network, destroyed property and released confidential and personal information to the world.


The cyber-attack was caused by a malware that was undetected by anti-virus of Sony network. But the issue was not in safety measures taken by Sony or any company for that matter, it lies in the enormity of the attack. Sony was not prepared to face a cyber attack and no safety measures were taken, but if they were, still this hacker group would have penetrated their network and accomplished this cybercrime. The information like social security numbers, spreadsheet enlisting top executives’ salary and many more were revealed to the public via the group named Guardians of Peace.

The hackers have sent a threatening mail to the employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment mentioning about the threat that hands on them and their families. In addition, the group has also threatened that they have enough power to ensure that Sony Picture collapses to the ground. In quite a shocking state of affair, one of the emails included that the group of hackers, the ‘Guardians of Peace’ are very well versed with the internal structure of the company. It became clear in one of their emails as it claimed to have access to the inner circle of the company via its own employees. As an attempt to prevent further security breach, All the individuals who have received the emails have been advised to keep their mobile phones switched off.

While Sony’s Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton thanked all his employees for working hard and being resourceful in these hard times, he also added that such a hack was unprecedented. Even the founder of the investigating firm, Kevin Mandia emailed the Sony chief regarding the strength of this cybercrime.

He wrote, “This attack is unprecedented in nature. The malware was undetectable by industry standard antivirus software and was damaging and unique enough to cause the FBI to release a flash alert to warn other organizations of this critical threat.”

We hope Sony will rise up from this situation and bring its act together in terms safety and security of all people associated with the company.

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