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Samsung wants the court to decide fast on the Apple lawsuit

Samsung is finally looking forward to open up against the patent related lawsuit with Apple Inc. According to the incoming reports, Samsung has officially asked the court to put through their decision so that the Asian Smartphone maker can decide things for it. Samsung is under the leverage of approximately $940 million, which the company might have to pay to Apple Inc. in case the court decides in the later’s favor. Samsung has although not given into the fact that they have copied anything from the iPhone maker as accused by Apple. Instead, Samsung boasts of an original and unique smartphone.Samsung wants the court to decide fast on the lawsuit with Apple

Apple had earlier accused the Asian giant of copying some of the features from one of its iPhone devices. As an act of infringement, Samsung is liable for huge sums of money to be funded as a compensation. Interestingly, the compensation amount for Samsung is approximately equal to the amount of profit it makes on any of its successful model.


This is not the first time, Samsung and Apple have been caught at each other’s throats. It is undoubted that iPhone needs to be given the credit about revolutionizing the smartphone industry in the year around 2007 with iPhone. According to the Apple Inc.’s lawyer, it has been since then that most of the companies have started copying small bits from the iPhone to aid their own purposes. The iPhone maker thinks that Samsung has copied the maximum which does put the company in line to pay for the infringing act.

On the other hand, Samsung claims that the small curved edges can be meagerly called as any sort of innovation. Thus, there stands no criteria where the iPhone maker can accuse them of copying the design, in the first place. It will be interesting to see how the court reacts to the recent turn of events.

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