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Sony Pictures Hackers Threaten Employees Via Email

The terror of the hackers strikes again and this time its Sony Pictures, who are the sufferers. According to the reports, the hackers have already stolen some very sensitive data from Sony Pictures. As if the loss of data was not enough, the hackers have sent a threatening mail to the corporation mentioning about the threat that hands on them and their families. This is not the first time when such an incident has taken place. Rather, one has to be worried to a certain extent about the future that lies ahead with more and more developing risks from the hackers.

As an act to destroy the company’s reputation, the group of hackers calling themselves, the ‘Guardians of Peace’ have released the Social security number of all the individuals associated with the company along with the passwords and the most recent upcoming flicks coming up. In addition , the group has also threatened that they have enough power to ensure that Sony Picture collapses to the ground.


In quite a shocking state of affair, one of the emails included that the group of hackers, the ‘Guardians of Peace’ are very well versed with the internal structure of the company. It became clear in one of their emails as it claimed to have access to the inner circle of the company via its own employees. As an attempt to prevent further security breach, All the individuals who have received the emails have been advised to keep their mobile phones switched off.

It is quite an annoying state to have such repeated attacks from various organizations pertaining to threats to various companies. According to the statement from the FBI, the authorities are well aware of the situation and are looking forward to work in collaboration to bring down the group before they leak any confidential information again.

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