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CBS and Dish Network enter into talks to avoid a potential blackout

Dish Network was supposed to have a CBS Blackout at 7pm yesterday evening, but they quickly settled the dispute with CBS in order to avoid that blackout. According to the blackout, the subscribers present in 14 cities could have noticed the CBS stations going dark until an agreement was set in place by CBS and Dish Network. Turner Broadcasting underwent a similar blackout some time ago until their dispute was resolved.dish-network

The subscribers were wary of the blackout, but they realized that the channels were working past deadline and hence, it was rumored that Dish Network entered into talks with CBS in order to resolve their ongoing dispute. Negotiations were made by both the parties and therefore, the CBS blackout did not happen on the Dish Network.


CBS is known as the number one TV network in the US and hence, taking advantage of its position in the market, the network started threatening its stations down in as many as 14 markets. It was to be negotiated with a new carriage contract. Dish Network was likely to be hit by this blackout severely and hence, the importance of taking the issue out increased.

CBS had provided an extension to networks like Dish Network so that their channels could continue through the Thanksgiving holiday. The company has stated it clear that it would not negotiate any further and provide no more extensions. After sniffing a negotiation between Dish Network and CBS, it is evident that the other networks would also enter into an agreement with CBS respectively.

The reports also suggest that CBS seeks higher fees owing to the new contract, but Dish Network cannot compromise on its customers due to the blackout. The company could churn out heavy losses if that happens. Hence, both the companies are eager to enter into a mutual contract for avoiding a potential blackout.

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