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YotaPhone 2 with 100 hours of battery life launched in the UK, US release in 2015

The unique feature of Yota devices launched last year was their dual display. Continuing with the same approach and adding improvements YotaPhone 2 was launched yesterday. The new and upgraded version has two touchscreen displays and is packed with better software inside.yotaphone-2

It is a great innovation where both the screens can be put to use. The Russian smartphone maker Yota has developed combines 4.7-inch E Ink display on the back of the phone and a 5 inch 1080p AMOLED screen on the front face. The two faced phone runs on the 2.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm MSM8974 PRO-AA processor. This E-Ink (E-Paper) display is similar to what we have seen in Sony’s upcoming FES Watches.


The Android phone is fast and weighs only 145g. The phone has an 8MP camera and it gives you great pictures. You can save a lot of energy and battery by using the E Ink mode. This is pretty useful to check notifications and messages, because of its touchscreen functionality.

The coolest feature is the 100 hour battery life. Yes, you read it correct. YotaPhone 2 is bigger in size and sports a 2,500mAh battery. The phone works for up to 100 hours in reading mode, where this display comes handy.

If otherwise you hit the 15% battery mark on your phone, Russian technology kicks in. YotaEnergy Mode handles this and gives you 8.5 hours of proper functioning phone on the E Ink display. You can even play small games like Sudoku on that side of the screen. You can easily attend all your calls and messages in this mode.

The only problem with YotaPhone 2 is its cost. It is very expensive, but for the special experience and a humongous batter life it is worth it. The phone makes you fell in love with the innovative technology instantly. Users who want a great and different kind of experience are sure to buy this. So far, this phone has been considered as the smartest phone of 2014, after Amazon’s attempt with 4 motion display sensors in Amazon Fire Phone.

Price: The official website shows £555 as the price for the device, which means, around $680 USD, when it will be launched in the US in 2015.

YotaPhone 2 Review Video

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