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Cyber Monday Deals: Surface Pro 3, Lenovo, Dell and Toshiba Laptops

Cyber Monday and Black Friday have certainly brought a smile on the face of customers. This year like any other has enthralled the shoppers with great deals and discounts. An ample of laptops are also offered at great deals by the retailers. Getting the laptop that you desire at a reasonable rate is certainly something to look forward to.SurfacePro3Primary_Page

Some of the deals are too good to believe while the others would just boggle your mind in split seconds. Laptops like Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Lenovo Yoga 2 and others are offered at great prices by the retailers. Here are the deals in elaboration:


1. Microsoft Surface Pro 3: ($899)

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is one of the most expensive laptops that exist in the market currently. But it is available at $899 in the Cyber Monday Super deal. If we say so, we mean it with some reasons. Surface Pro 3 by Microsoft is beauty mixed with power and offers great performance for the users. Surface Pro 3 is equipped with Intel Core i5 processor and works with 4GB of RAM. The internal storage of the laptop is calculated at 128GB. It also possesses a great 12 inch display TouchScreen that is some feature to be mentioned here.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 36984SU:

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 36984SU’s original price is $2000 but it can be purchased at Amazon at unbelievable prices. Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 36984SU is certainly one of the best Ultrabooks that can be purchased in the market. It is quite evident that Lenovo is the only company that is earning huge profits by making Windows based computers in this generation. The features of this laptop are amazing; it works on Intel Core i7 processor that is clocked at 2.0GHz. 8GB of RAM is also a very impressive feature of Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 36984SU.

3. Dell XPS 12-5328CRBFB 12.5 Inch Convertible 2 in 1 Touchscreen Ultrabook: ($709.99)

Dell XPS 12-5328CRBFB is a superb Ultra-book that combines beauty with power. It can be purchased under the Cyber Monday deal at just $709.99. The best part about this Ultra-Book is that it is convertible that adds stars to its image in the market. It can be transformed into a tablet when necessary. Dell XPS 12-5328CRBFB is equipped with a powerful Intel Core i5 processor that is clocked at 1.8 GHz. The display of its screen is also wonderful and it is supported by Intel 4000 graphic card.

4. Toshiba Satellite U925T-S2120: ($599)

Toshiba Satellite U925T-S2120 is again a convertible Ultra-book that can be converted into a tablet on desire. It can be purchased at a low price of $599 in the Cyber Monday deal, which is unbelievable. It works on the Intel Core i5 processor that is clocked at 2.0GHz. The 12.5 inch display of its screen is also something to be mentioned.

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