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Bing revamps iOS app with new shortcuts & iOS7 friendly integration

Microsoft has released the iOS 7 friendly update for iPhones and iPads, where Bing will be integrated with the Siri and users can also search without the dedicated app.



There are many major redesigns such as Homepage tiles, Saving & Sharing and New Menu with more options added over there. The homepage of the app will contain 4 new tiles, which links to “Popular Now” trending topics, weather report, image search and to the nearby businesses.

Bing search app will also include the new revamped share button, where users can share the images on Facebook and Twitter, save the screenshot of search page, homepage image and image from the search results. You can also save those images and screenshots on SkyDrive with the Microsoft account or to your any other iOS apps.

Microsoft is now spreading their products across the platforms and the company is never anymore focused on their own Windows platforms. Recently, Steve Ballmer has hinted bout releasing the Touch-First Office app on Android and iOS to further spread the wings. Moreover, BlackBerry also trying to swim while sinking, by releasing Z30 Smartphone and BBM for iOS & Android for the first time. However, the BBM for other platform has been delayed due to “the issue” caused by leaked app installation by more than 1.1 million users. Check out some changes in the gallery below.

source – Bing, iTunes

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