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Must Have Smartphone Apps For iOS, Android and Windows Phone Handsets

With consumers opting to buy new smartphones and tablets this holiday season the device remains incomplete without essential apps in categories from gaming  to productivity. We have compiled a list of top smartphone apps this year, just in time for the holiday season.smartphones-applications

Entertainment and Media:

Netflix and Spotify are must have apps for entertainment and the popular YouTube app is a must have for viewing videos. Shazam that detects songs using the internet is the top app for music lovers. SoundCloud, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio earned the top spots for podcast apps.


Fitness and Productivity:

The top fitness app is MyFitnessPal while top apps in productivity are Microsoft Office and Evermore, which has remained in the list, ever since its release. The best cloud app is Dropbox, FoxFi is an exclusive app for Android and Dark Sky is an exclusive app for iOS. Mailbox app is regarded as the top app for managing multiple e-mail accounts and with its simple interface and capabilities. Tiny Scan, a less known app come to the top for the document scanning purpose.


Match.com app has earned the top spot in dating apps and also encourages to use the paid service to find the perfect partner.


Google Maps app is regarded as a must-have for navigation purposes and Waze is the top app in terms of peer-to-peer navigation purposes. Lyft remained popular for “on-demand” transportation along with Uber.

Photo Editing and Social:

Snapseed is the top app for photo-editing and VSSO Cam also remained on a similar rank. Pinterest, WhatsApp and Snapchat are the top apps in messaging and texting while Instagram and Facebook were considered the must-have apps for a smartphone. The top apps for sports fans is WatchESPN.com.

Though Android, Windows Phone and iOS users might have differences with the list, there might be some apps that the user might agree. Do you have any top apps to share, let us know through comments.

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