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Sony investigates North Korean involvement in hacking internal data

Sony Pictures Entertainment is in the process of finding whether the North Korean government was behind the hack attack last week. Reports indicated that the attack came after the Japanese company was planning to release a comedy film based on assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.



Re/Code reported that Chinese hackers were responsible for the studio attack as a revenge for the release of ‘The Interview” that stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. Their roles in the film relate to journalists appointed by the CIA to assassinate the North Korean leader and in turn has angered the country.

A North Korean website Urminzokkiri stated that the film was an evil act of provocation and it deserved stern provocation. The Police Policy Institute based in South Korea has mentioned that the country has recruited about 3,000 hackers to promote Kim’s regime. Sony along with other consultants is in the process of determining whether the hackers belonged to China on behalf of North Korea. The hacking group known as “Guardians of Peace” threatened to reveal sensitive corporate and internal data if the demands were not met.

However, Sony has revealed only limited information regarding the attack, claiming that it was a “system disruption” and did not comment on the demands of the hackers. Sony has stated that the internal servers would be restored by Monday as experts were “making inroads” in the process of restoring normalcy.

Meanwhile, reports emerged that five screened copies of Sony movies were freely downloaded following the attack. The list includes four yet-to-be released movies like “Annie”, a remake of a musical while the fifth “Fury” is in theaters. Whether the North Korean government is involved or not, Sony has faced massive losses after the hack attack that caused immediate shutdown of the computer servers.

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