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Cyber Monday Deals: Samsung Holiday Gift Guide 2014

With the holiday season calling, people set off their minds to figure out presents for their dear ones. Pulling off the right gifts in this festive season is a big gain for the givers. If you are confused about the gifts to be given to your dear ones during this Cyber Monday deals week, our compiled list of Samsung Holiday Gift ideas will help you a great deal.samsung-chef-collection

Here are some of the gift ideas from Samsung on this festive season:


1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S is one of the thinnest and lightest tablets produced so far and it’s a great fit for the people who are mostly on the go. It can be either used for work or in leisure time depending on your requirement. The slim tablet possesses advanced productivity features that are designed for smooth multi-tasking. You can abruptly switch from playing your favorite game to reading a magazine in split seconds. Once the Christmas time inches closer, you should consider this tablet as your gift idea this season.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best presents for the people who are addicted to smartphones. It possesses a large screen with S Pen that is upgraded. The smartphone experience with this device is taken to the next level without any doubts. An advanced camera is also equipped in this smartphone that brings out the magic in the pictures taken. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shall definitely be considered as a gift in the season.

3. Samsung Galaxy NX 1 Camera:

Samsung Galaxy NX1 is a must have for the photography buffs. It is actually the world’s fastest and most accurate, interchangeable-lens camera. This is new to the award winning Galaxy NX series by Samsung. The image quality on this camera is phenomenal and can make a talented photographer blush. The durable body of the camera makes it easy for the user to click pictures in adverse situations too.

4. Samsung Curved UHD TV:

The Samsung Curved UHD TV is a great present that can be given to your friends/relatives in the holiday season. The Curved UHD TV by Samsung has redefined the way television is looked upon in the market. It is a world’s largest curved Ultra High Definition TV that makes sure all the viewers in the room have the same experience of viewing television. The picture clarity is astonishing and the colors are fantastic in this TV. All of these traits make Samsung Curved UHD TV as one of the best gifts for this season.

5. Samsung Chef Collection:

Samsung is not just working on technology lately and its Chef Collection proves the point. Samsung has recently created a Chef Collection that involves state-of-the-art freezer, oven, induction cooker and dishwasher that are aimed at squeezing the best results all the time. It can be thought of as one of the best gift options this time around.

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