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Microsoft Plans To Launch Windows 10 Consumer Preview In Jan. 2015

It is not old news that Microsoft ditched plans for Windows 9 and directly launched Windows 10. The technical preview received lots of applauds from developers all over the world. But the real deal of the new operating system will be unveiled in January 2015. As the New Year is approaching Microsoft is trying to increase the hype around it and wants the launching event to be a great success. It is rumored that the company plans a consumer reveal event to roll out the features for the whole world to admire.microsoft-windows-10

The commercial launch in the form of a full-fledge release is also in the pipeline. If the rumor holds true, there is a lot up Microsoft’s sleeve besides launching new Lumia phones. The giant is all lip-locked about the brand new operating system, it is trying to build. Windows 10 will be unique in its interface as the company has picked up good things from Windows 7 and 8 to combine a new touch interface called Continuum. Another significant rumor is that Windows 10 will be friendly with all the Microsoft devices even with Xbox One dashboard.


The worldwide demonstration to consumers will enlist all the features and tell the world about all new things they will see in their upgraded PC’s. The concept is unique as Windows 10 will be running in all kinds of devices. It will help non-technical people to relate to this next-generation operating system from Microsoft.

Microsoft, headquartered in Redmond surely has some plans for the new edition, because it skipped the much hyped (Windows 9), which was rumored to be the new iteration as far as numbers were concerned.

Let us know if you are eager to see the Windows 10 consumer demonstration and enjoy it on your machine too.

Interesting Features of Microsoft Windows 10:

The Start Menu: Finally, Microsoft realized that ditching the Start Menu of Windows in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 was a big blunder. They tried to rectify that mistake by making a hybrid Start Menu in the upcoming Windows 10. It looks like as if Windows 8 start menu and Windows 7 start menu had a baby and that’s the Windows 10 Start Menu.

Recent Files: After opening your File Explorer, click on the “HOME” menu and then you can see the “Favorites”, “Frequents” and you “Recent Files.”

File Sharing: On the new Windows 10 operating system, you can share files faster than ever. You can check the new share option on the right side of the file explorer. Select a file, click on SHARE to share the files via various options.

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