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Roku TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV and Fire TV are buzzing this holiday season

As this year’s Black Friday Deals concluded, consumers are rushing towards web’s Cyber Monday deals. People are still wondering which tech gadgets to purchase as a gift to their beloved ones, that too without breaking their banks.Roku-3500R-Streaming-Stick-remote

Here is a list of 5 tech gadgets that comes with a bargain price tag and eligible for the perfect tech gift for this Cyber Monday.

1: Roku TV Streaming Stick ($39.99):

You can plug the Roku streaming stick into the HDTV to watch any of the 1,200 channel applications available inside the stick and you could also watch all those videos in 1080p Full HD streaming via HDMI too. For internet connectivity, the device also supports the dual-band WiFi network. Roku’s streaming stick comes with a remote controller that allows users to select and play any videos and other sections remotely, instead of look down on a smartphone. Most importantly, the remote controller also has a built-in RF technology that will allow you to use the remote o any direction, instead of pointing it to the TV screen.

2: Amazon Fire TV Stick ($39):

Amazon has introduced a gum sized HDMI streaming stick in October 2014, with the price tag aimed at competing with Chromecast and Roku Stick. The device is seen as a follow-up to the $99 Fire TV, is priced at $39 when compared to Chromecast priced at $35 and Roku Stick at $49 (holiday price is $39.99). The Fire TV Stick boasts an 8GB internal memory while the Chromecast has features 1Gb storage. Amazon claims that the dual-core processor results in “faster and more fluid navigation” and the two other streaming devices feature a single-core processor. The Fire Stick comes with a remote that can be used as a gaming controller and an additional $30 will provide the user with a voice remote for the voice search feature.

3: Amazon Fire TV set-top box ($99): ($69 now)

Update: Amazon slashed the price to $69 ($30 off).

This 0.7-inch thin, $99 device boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor with Adreno 320 GPU and a 2GB of RAM built-in. It could also stream the videos in Full HD 1080P format, while for connectivity, it has dual-band, dual-antenna WiFi and it also supports the HDMI output. Optical audio output also helps users get up to 7.1 Dolby Digital plus surround sound. Amazon Fire TV can now be easily termed as one of the leading services with more than 600 applications and games at service for its users. The official announcement made by Amazon last month puts it in among the leaders in the sector with one of the best customer satisfaction record.

4: Google Chromecast TV Streaming Stick ($29):

This Google’s own TV Streaming Stick is most popular as of now – in terms of the price tag as well as its lineup of services included with the device. Google has dropped the price of the device from $35 to just $24 in this season. This offer might make you buy this cheap and best gadget as a gift to your friends and family.

5. Apple TV – $89

Apple TV, the second expensive option on the list is a must have streamer for Apple fans and is priced at $89. The offered content is not as extensive as other devices, but Airplay feature across Apple devices is an added bonus. The device is mainly aimed at iOS ecosystem lovers that remains unique in its own way.

6: Amazon Fire HD 6 tablet ($79):

This 6-inch Fire OS powered tablet by Amazon can be a good gift this year. The price has been reduced from $99 to $79 as part of the company’s Black Friday 2014 deal. With a 6-inch HD display with the resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels (252ppi), tougher Gorilla Glass display screen, 1.5GHz quad-core processor, a 2MP rear camera with a VGA front camera, Wi-Fi, 8GB internal storage and Amazon’s free cloud storage as well as other features makes this device as the cheap and best option.

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  1. ripped off by google chromcast. no where do they tell you that once you purchase it, get it home, hook it up, try streaming from your android, which is their big selling point, you now have to go to the google play store, register, and PURCHASE AN APP! GOOGLE FRAUD.

  2. The chromecast app is free. I did not pay anything, you selected the wrong app. User error.

  3. I like paying too much for TV with my internet… 🙁 I really would like to try this but would not like slogging through low quality content (as if I'm not doing that NOW with Xfinity!).

  4. Mention Apple TV in headline but no review. And what about the other Roku products? A tablet? WTF?

  5. The Android Google "Chromecast" app is free; as is the Chrome browser "app" on a pc

  6. They are all good devices. Go towards your ecosystem – Apple, Android, Amazon – and towards the device that has the most services that you use on a daily basis. For more, check out a podcast breaking down the top streaming devices: http://traffic.libsyn.com/mixminus/Mix-Minus_091_Black_Friday_Best_TV_Streaming_Device.mp3.

  7. You missed #5.

  8. Mark Jackson – #5 wasn't there before (I read this article Saturday and noticed the same thing). Note also that it says "Here is a list of 5 tech gadgets" and then lists 6.

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