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Best deals on streaming devices: Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV

The holiday season involves spending on items ranging from TV sets to a range of gadgets. However the new there is a new craze for the portable and innovative streaming devices from leading companies. Check the best price deals and streamers this holiday season.

1. Amazon Fire TV – $99 (Updated: now for $69)

Amazon Fire TV is being offered at a $99 ($69) price tag with holiday discount comes with a 30-day Prime trial though price remains on the high side. The streamer can deliver 3x faster streaming of Amazon content at 1080p when compared with competitors. The device has the simplest of interfaces and users can access over 200,00 movies and almost all major channels via Netflix, Hulu and many more.


2. Google Chromecast – $23.99

Google Chromecast functions a little differently than other devices as users can “cast” apps, media and movies from tablets, smartphones or iOS devices. Priced at an affordable $25, users can access several apps and channels like HBO Go, Watch ESPN and others. The interaction between a range of devices is an added feature.

3. Apple TV – $89

Apple TV, the second expensive option on the list is a must have streamer for Apple fans and is priced at $89. The offered content is not as extensive as other devices, but Airplay feature across Apple devices is an added bonus. The device is mainly aimed at iOS ecosystem lovers that remains unique in its own way.

4. Roku TV – $29.99

Roku TV is being offered for $29.99 and is one of the oldest and popular streamers in the market. The device includes a 60-day free trial of Rdio unlimited, a remote and provides access to more than 1,800 channels. Roku TV is compatible with old television sets and also offers an app for smartphone and tablets.

Choose the best streaming device suited for you based on usability, features or channels from the above deals before they become out-of-stock.

5. Bonus Deal – $1:

Amazon is offering the Galaxy S5 for $1 with 2-year contract with any wireless carrier. Best Buy, Radio Shack and Walmart are also offering similar deals for $1 and free device with the contract. Consumers looking for an off-contract device can purchase it from Sprint and T-Mobile under monthly installment.


Sprint’s Easy Pay program allows consumers to purchase the Galaxy S5 by paying $18.75 for 24 months and the rugged Galaxy S5 can also be availed at the same price. T-Mobile’s program allow consumers to avail the device by paying $21.20 for 24 months. Consumers opting for prepaid connection, can opt for AT&T’s Cricket Wireless to get the device for only $295 instead of the $589.99 price tag.

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