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Audi coming up with all-electric family car in 2017

If you think that Tesla has the whole game for electric cars, then probably you should think once again. With the rise of Tesla’s hold in the market, other car makers are also looking forward to make some inroads. According to the reports, Audi is planning to come up with an electric car, good enough to challenge Tesla’s Model S. The car maker has shown interest in making electric cars long before and recently in a statement it was revealed that the company plans to launch an electric car for the family in the year 2017.Audi coming up with all-electric family car in 2017

To be precise, one is not sure of the model that the upcoming car will belong to. Some reports suggest, that Audi will be launching the electric car as a continuation of the series of Audi A3 e-Tron or it might well belong to a new series of cars. According to the statement by officials at Audi, the all new upcoming electric family car will generate a mileage of more than 280 miles per charge. The car maker also claims that the upcoming model from Audi will be one of the perfect cars for family with space and comfort added in the right proportions.


According to the words of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, the Technical Development head at Audi, such a car is already in progress. The launch of a proficient all electric car from Audi, will certainly force Tesla to think out of the box. Tesla’s Model S Sedan is currently the top all electric cars in the world and Prof. Hackenberg is very much confident that the car from Audi will do better that it. Prof. Hackenberg remained silent about the features to expect from the upcoming model. But as it seems, Audi is looking forward to make a mark in the field.


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