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Apple releases its (RED) 2014’s Black Friday Deals

With the Black Friday just a few days away, it is exciting to hear that Apple Inc. will be taking part directly in this year’s Black Friday sales. What makes things even more interesting is that this is going to be the first year of such an occurrence. The rumors were hanging around the internet media about Apple venturing into this year Black Friday sales and now we have confirmation. But there is a small catch. Apple is not calling this as a Black Friday sale, instead, the iPhone maker is marking this as a ‘Special Shopping Day’ with the color red as the main attraction.apple-deals-discounts-black-friday

The main featuring attraction of the sale will be iTunes Gift Cards. The gift cards will not be directly on sale, but will be given to the users who shop the qualifying products directly from Apple Inc. The qualifying products which will give you the hold on the iTunes Gift cars include iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5s. In addition, Apple Inc. will also hand over a special $50 Gift card,if you buy the iPhones over $0 down carrier promotion.  The same clauses apply for iPads.


The amount of the Gift Card just rises once you move into the Mac section. Apple Inc. will be issuing a $100 gift card with every purchase of a MacBook Air, iMac, iMac with Retina 5K display and MacBook  pro. Apple has also kept a surprise for the smaller devices, as even iPod touch, iPod Nano, Apple TV and Beats headphones and speakers will also carry $25 gift cards on each sale.

This is the first time, when Apple Inc. in going on a sale directly on Black Friday. Some are still amazed at the occurrence, but nonetheless happy for the sales to go live. According to some individuals, this also marks the first instance when Apple is taking part in a mass sale program, although with its own name, Apple is a part of it. It will be interesting to see when Apple decides to venture more into such events that are coming down the year or not!

Although, Apple Inc. is going for the Black Friday sales for the first time, the iPhone maker does not intend to give you too much of a good I Suppose. As it happens, Apple has restricted only two gift cards per household. In addition, the purchase needs to be made at the United States Apple Store or through Apple’s United States authentic Apple Store website to qualify. Whatever be it, one can be excited about what is to be in store on the day of the sale.

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