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[Fixed] Nexus 7 (2012) lag issues after Android 5.0 Lollipop update

While a number of Nexus owners are thrilled after receiving the latest Android 5.0 update, a growing number of Nexus 7 (2012) owners are complaining over the lag issues, app crashes and slow user interface after the update. While a cache clearing method was suggested to speed up the tablet, it has only become temporary solution.nexus-7

Users who used the factory image of Android 5.0 LRX21P in Nexus 7 noticed heating issues, slow animations and noticeable lag in every action. Though Google products Expert John Paul D suggested restoring the Android 4.4.4 version and installing the OTA update, a stream of users complained about the slow boot, Facebook app crashes, unresponsive apps  and freezing issues.


“Nexus 7 has been ruined by lollipop, so laggy its unusable,” said a user on Google product forums.

Nexus 7 (2012) owners are now frustrated with the update and are seeking solutions or a method to return to the Kitkat version. Some users have tried installing the disc image twice and Facebook and certain apps were either freezing or crashed on Lollipop. Disappointed users are claiming that the update has made the device “unusable” and are requesting the company to fix the bugs and issues soon.

For the time being users can clear the cache to speed up the device:

Turn off the Nexus 7, press and hold the volume down buttons simultaneously until “start” appears on the display -> enter recovery mode by pressing volume button twice to highlight and the power button to enter -> Hold the power button and press volume up button -> use volume buttons to scroll to “wipe cache partition” and power button to select -> After clearing the cache, reboot device.

Google stated it was aware of the issue and is looking into the matter. However, it remains unclear if Google already knew the lag issues and wanted users to report the bugs, so it could release an update. The company would have definitely tested the device with the lollipop OS and the update could have been released after the issues were fixed.

Is the company trying to force users to opt for a newer Nexus device or will an update be released soon? We will update the details in the coming days.

Update (fix): You can fix this lag in your Nexus 7 tablets by reverting your device firmware to Android KitKat. Here is the step by step guide.

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