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Samsung asks ITC to block the US sales of NVIDIA’S graphics chips

The South Korean phone maker has locked horns with NVIDIA and commanded ITC to block the US sales of NVIDIA’S computer graphics chips. Samsung has claimed that the chips are its intellectual property and filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC). It has also asked ITC to close down the US sales of the graphics chips by NVIDIA.samsung-vs-nvidia-vs-qualcomm-patent

The South Korean phone giant registered the complaint with ITC on Friday which is a couple of weeks after Samsung filed a case against NVIDIA for the same in a Federal Court in the US. Samsung is heating up with the case and has not taken any time to file the case against its rival NVIDIA. The case was filed by Samsung on 4 November which was in response of the lawsuit filed by NVIDIA against the South Korean phone maker and Qualcomm.


The claim of NVIDIA in its case against Samsung also called for the imitation of patents registered by NVIDIA for its graphics processing unit. In the claim, NVIDIA asserted that both the companies had infringed seven patents for GPU’s that belonged to NVIDIA itself.

The fight between the tech giants is heating up now as Samsung has also responded with a cold blooded command to the ITC for shutting down the sales of GPU’s made by NVIDIA in the US. Samsung asserted that NVIDIA has violated an ample of its patents concerning the graphics chips. Moreover, the South Korean company also said that NVIDIA’s claims about infringement of its patents are completely false.

The fight is not just confined to the court, but Samsung has also described its Exynos 5433 processor better than NVIDIA’S variant. This is in response to the advertisement created by NVIDIA about its processor being the fastest in the world. We will have to wait and see which way the lawsuit and the arguments by the tech giants go.

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