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Google Nexus 6 release in the US creates a great buzz

One of the most anticipated devices of the season, Google Nexus 6, powered with new Android 5.0 Lollipop has finally been released in the US and it is making a great roar in the market as expected. The general release date of the device has not been out yet though, as Google wants each of the carriers to release it at their own selected dates. The launch of Nexus 6 was not met with great success, but after its release, the device is picking up steam and more users are intending to buy Google’s new smartphone now.Nexus-6-battery-life

The announcement of Nexus 6 was done on 15th October, which was actually the date of release for Nexus 9 too. The reason why the launch of Nexus 6 was not well received is because the company did not state any exact date for release at the time and the pre-order plan was also not well executed. All this contributed to the launching event turning mild.


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A few pre-orders for Nexus 6 are already slated to be shipped for early delivery. The people that have pre-ordered Nexus 6 from either Google store or Motorola shop have already received the device this week and the rest of them are awaiting the delivery.

Nexus 6 is becoming no less than a phenomenon in the US currently and the fans had lined up to grab this impeccable device. It was on November 19th that T-Mobile started to offer Nexus 6 after one week of delay considering the release dates of AT&T and Sprint that took place on November 14th. All three are now selling Nexus 6 with their respective plans.

Apart from these three carriers, Best Buy has also been working with Google in order to receive more stock of the anticipated device. The AT&T and Sprint variants of Nexus 6 are available only in 32GB and the color that is available is Midnight Blue. T-Mobile however, is offering the 64GB variant of Nexus 6. It can also be purchased from the Google Play Store or from the official website of Motorola.

After all these proceedings, we can conclude that the release of Nexus 6 is going better than the last week, but people are still getting messed about trying and failing to find this smartphone in the stock of various stores.

The release date of Nexus 6 on US Cellular or Verizon Wireless is yet to be confirmed by the respective companies. However, according to the reports, the release of Nexus 6 on Verizon can be delayed until December. We will have to wait for more details though.

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