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Symantec has uncovered a stealthy spying malware ‘Regin’

It is difficult to get rid of the black hat hackers these days as they are all over the internet. Some like to extract personal information and leak it online in public forums (read: Snappening) and others just let a spyware do their job and play hide and seek with the security researchers. Same thing happened when Symantec Research Labs uncovered a stealthy malware that was circulating all over the internet. It was used for spying purposes and launched to spy on many top internet services and telecommunication companies. The sophisticated malware is likely to be developed by any government agency and the name of this dangerous Trojan is Regin.regin-symantec

Symantec’s elite team of security researchers was tracking it and they revealed all about this malware in their official blog post. The malware is a spying tool that was keeping an eye on specific industries is rarely seen before this discovery. Many infra operators, business and even governments were being spied upon by Regin malware.


The origin dates back to 2008 and it is a complicated back door-type Trojan. The silent spying tool could target anything its source wants to spy on. Symantec revealed,’’ It is likely that its development took months, if not years, to complete and its authors have gone to great lengths to cover its tracks. Its capabilities and the level of resources behind Regin indicate that it is one of the main cyberespionage tools used by a nation state.’’

Also not just normal spyware, Regin is developed with a customized approach to it. The stealthy surveillance can be used according to the targets. Symantec is now able to track it and is investigating further. The researchers want to uncover all aspects and functionality behind Regin as soon as possible.

The entire analysis is released as a white paper which you can read here (pdf).

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