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Microsoft Office app to enter Android & iOS soon

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer in this week’s financial analysts meeting, has hinted about revealing the touch-version of Office suit to iOS & Android mobile operating systems.

Microsoft Office logo on the screen of an Apple iPad
Microsoft Office logo on the screen of an Apple iPad

Microsoft Office suit will be available on iPhones, iPads and other android gadgets soon in this year or may be Q1 of 2014. Till date, Office suits only available for the Windows platforms and the new decision from the company might be the result of Google’s release of Quickoffice on iOS for free. As all of us know that Microsoft is losing ground on what it refer to as “the end points”, as the traditional PC space is being acquired by smartphones and tablets, it also in the need of expanding it’s office suit business to all platforms before it’s too late. However, “Office” is the most profitable part of it’s business till date.


Already the company has 3 versions of Office variants available for consumers – Full Office, Office on the web and Mobile Office. Now, we discussed about the latest “Touch-First Office”, which feature a metro style app, with more features as in full office, rather than that of stripped version of “mobile office”. Touch-First Office will be first released to Windows 8/RT, then to “other devices”.

The Exec. Vice President of Company’s Applications and Services Group, Qi Lu said in the event:

“We are working on touch-first versions for our core apps in the Office suite, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and we will bring these apps to Windows devices, and also to other devices in ways that meets our customers’ needs, and the customer value of those experiences, and in ways that economically make sense for Microsoft, and at a proper timetable.  That’s how we think about making these decisions as the question is being posed.”

He also noted, “the first factor [strategically] is customer interest and customer experience. It is quite important for us to ensure that there’s genuine customer interest, customer need, and at the same time we can also deliver a quality experience that serves our customer’s needs. The second factor is economics, and financially it has to make sense for Microsoft.  So those are the two factors that guide our decision-making.”

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