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Microsoft Xbox One’s One Year From The Users’ Perspective

On the first anniversary of Microsoft Xbox One, gamers reveal their thoughts on the console, the features and the improvement it needs. The console launched in North America last year, faced few problems during its release, but emerged as a worthy competitor to Sony’s PlayStation 4.xboxone1year_610

Nikolaskp describes that his console blends with the furniture in the living room decor while another user found the utilitarian design to be modern and sublime. Some users felt that the console reminded them of existing objects in entertainment centers while one user felt the console was like a cable box. However, one found it to be similar to the VCR of the 90’s.


“It’s been getting better with every system update,” said Thiel on the user interface of Xbox One.

Despite users like UXGeek pointing out issues like slow media sharing and “broken” snap feature, RyTheGeneral notes the clean and modern interface and the ability of Microsoft to sort out issues quickly. CBCharlie describes the console as not being perfect, but is getting better with regular updates. However, the greatest complaint among users was the voice control feature where gamers like RyTheGeneral has to speak clearly and “annunciate” his words and UXGeek has to repeatedly shout at the console, in turn annoying his wife.

Coming to the gaming part, users like CBCharlie stated that there were some fantastic titles out there while RyTheGeneral noted that new IPs like Project Spark and Sunset Overdrive were innovative titles. UXGeek felt that the best games were the free one that were offered to Xbox Live Gold members, though Jpastene expressed his disappointment on the selection of games that are available.

Overall, there are mixed feelings about the Xbox One where some users feel it is a great console while UXGeek feels that the company “under delivered” and admits that the PS4 is the best console in the long run. Would you prefer the Xbox One console to a PS4; comment on why you like or dislike the device and the improvements you would like to see in the future.

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