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Turner Broadcasting channels are back on Dish Network

Television providers are planning to extend the contracts to broadcast Turner Broadcasting channels such as CNN and Cartoon Network on Dish Network. In the month of October, Dish Network stopped transmitting Turner Broadcasting channels and on Friday, the two companies announced that they will restore the channel services.dish-network

Not only Cartoon Network and CNN, but also other channels such as Boomerang, HLN, CNN en Espanol, Adult Swim and Turner Classic Movies are also restored in this process. The companies said that they will also agree to extend the service agreement for TBS and TNT too.


After a month of blackout, both Turner and Dish have mutually decided to restore the service regarding the channels. This will also prevent the two channels TNT and TBS from blackout and also it will be a preliminary act for Turner to prevent black out of those two channels when the contract expires on December 5th.

Karen Vondrak, who lives near Cleveland, said,

“To just pull the Turner channel off the air like that was wrong,”. “It made me mad and upset. I rely on that channel; it doesn’t have stuff like ‘Transformers’ with bullets coming out of people’s heads. That’s fine for the kids, but I love the old movies.” “I love CNN too. They do a good job with up-to-the-minute news,” “I like my iPad but I would rather get my news from the TV.”

The blackout of CNN during the midterm congressional election has made a huge impact over the minds of New viewers and black out of Turner Classic Movies also an another vocal constituency. Both Turner and Dish have declined to comment regarding the issues and finally they were planned for a new contract.

Nomura Securities analyst Anthony DiClemente reported that for every month of blackout, Time Warner might lose $89 million in revenue.

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