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Google Glass is dead even before its launch

Google Glass was once considered to be the next big thing in the market and the anticipation was that it will be unbeatable. The crowd had waited for a long time as the rumors as well as the anticipation grew. The Google Glass was finally launched in February 2013. But this was not for the public. The next appearance of Google Glass came this May, when Google launched the ‘explorer’ version of the glass. But sadly, Google Inc. is yet to announce the final date of the launch of Google Glass in the market. And guess what, a  major section of the society does not want to buy it anymore.Google Glass is dead even before its launch

The question is that has Google played the game in the wrong way. There was a time when the anticipation about the Google Glass was at its height and it was probably the perfect time to hit the markets. According to the experts, Google’s desire to make something extraordinary out of the Google Glass has lead to such a situation where the Google Glass is literally unwanted in certain sections of the society.


What might be the reasons for such a drastic change in fortune for Google Glass. It has been noted in a survey in the United States that approximately 90% of the population think that Google Glass looks awkward and thus they will not buy it and approximately 72% have privacy concerns. The camera that Google Glass has, has resulted in the banishment of the upcoming device from various public places.

Some people also believe that the rise of smart watches can also be blamed for the downfall of Google Glass. The watches are trendy, not fragile and yet provide every smart feature that one can expect. The statistics show that there has been a tremendous growth in the sales of smart watches and it is expected to stay the same in the near future. Speaking in this respect, another Google’s product,  i.e. Android has indirectly led to the downfall of Google Glass.

Even if Google Glass was launched in the next month or so, it will not be easy for Google Glass to stand up to the competition.  One of the main reasons is that many application developers have already abandoned developing applications for Google Glass. Most of them have been waiting for 2-3 years now for the glass to come. According to the reports, Twitter has already declared that they will not be available on the Google Glass Platform.

It is going to be very difficult for Google Glass to stand a chance as most of the people would prefer a quality sunglass and a smart watch instead of spending $1500 on Google Glass, which is yet to be commercially launched.

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