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Twitter’s new update enables sharing tweets via direct message

Twitter has brought a new update on Thursday that allows sharing of tweets via direct message as a part of its plan to revamp the social-networking site. The feature will be available to the mobile and desktop versions of the micro-blogging site.twitter-share-direct-message-screenshot

The site uses Direct Messages feature to send private messages and cannot be viewed by followers. A user can send a tweet to a specific user through the new feature. The feature will work in a simplified manner in Android or iOS where a user can share a tweet through a Direct Message by adding the handle of user and for a private conversation. This would also mean that a person in question will not miss a particular tweet that needs to be notified.


“Twitter is already a great place for public conversation; now it’s also easier to privately discuss things you care about,” said Twitter in a blog post.

On desktop versions or on TweetDeck, users will need to click the More icon, Share Via Direct Message and follow the above process for sending the tweet. The message arrives in the form of push notifications. Recently, Twitter released Instant Timeline that allows users to compile interested tweets without following users. The micro-blogging site has been releasing a couple of new features to Direct Messages in the recent months for a personalized user experience.

Yesterday, the social-networking site announced a new feature that allows users to search for any tweet in the past eight years that raised concerns among privacy advocates. However, this again brings an enjoyable experience to the site as users can bring up earlier hashtags and read the tweets. The move also indicated that the site is aiming at competing with Facebook for a more personalized experience as the latter introduced hashtags feature to compete with Twitter.

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