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Best Black Friday 2014 deals on iPhone 6 cases and covers

Most of the customers are crooning the Black Friday song, as it is bringing out astonishing discounts on Apple devices and accessories. People are out on a shopping spree this season and many of them are vying for iPhone 6.apple-iphone-cases-black-friday-deal

For the current customers and the potential customers of iPhone 6, there is excellent news as the retailers are drawing discounts on the iPhone 6 cases and accessories. Since iPhone 6 is an expensive gadget to hold, it is intelligent to wrap it in a case.


Here are some of the deals and discounts offered by retailers on iPhone 6 cases this season:

1. 50 Percent discount on Insignia iPhone 6 cases:

The Insignia branded iPhone 6 cases are now available for heavy discounts. These discounts will account to as much as 50 percent. These cases are regarded to be pretty and smart at the same time. Insignia boasts a good market for its iPhone accessories and the customers must be extremely pleased with its offer on the iPhone 6 cases.

The Insignia iPhone 6 cases can be purchased at the price as low as $7.49 which is an excuse for the iPhone 6 users to get a case this Black Friday. The cases by Insignia are good enough to place them in a holder while waiting for the LifeProof or Mophie releasing their premium iPhone 6 cases.

The Insignia cases for iPhone 6 are cheap and reasonable. After employing the discounts on such rates, they will become astonishingly cheap and hence, a great buy at the market to say the least.

2. Deals for iPhone 6 Case by Walmart:

While all the retailer are bringing out discounts for the iPhone users on Black Friday, Walmart is not left far behind as it is offering two incredible iPhone 6 case deals this festive season. Both the cases are from reputed brands. One of them is Speck’s iPhone 6 case, which is available for as low as $10. By striking this deal, you can save up to $19.88.

Apart from the Speck iPhone cases deal, Walmart has also come out with another deal for the rugged Otterbox Defender series cases at a great discount this Black Friday. These cases can be bought at a mind boggling price of $29 at the market. Usually the cost of such cases comes out to be $46.88. Therefore, the discount will enable you to save $17.88 if you buy the same during the Black Friday.

The quantity for both the brand’s cases is limited, and hence you have to rush in order to get your own version before the stock is out.

3. STAPLES: 40 Percent discount on Zagg iPhone Screen Protectors:

It is evident that every iPhone 6 case in the market do not come with a screen protector. Hence, the importance of the deal from Staples is definitely worth mentioning. Zagg screen protectors will be offered by Staples for the iPhone 6 devices at a heavy discount. The discount rate is fixed to be 40 percent, which is huge. Staples is also working on discounts for the other iOS devices. For example, on the iPad cases, Staples is offering a heavy discount of 50 percent.

4. iPhone Cases on Sale: Amazon

Amazon certainly has a great role to play in the Black Friday sale period. The American online retail giant is offering iPhone 6 cases on great discounts. The rates for such iPhone 6 cases over Amazon can fall below the ordinary market rates.

The Black Friday sales at Amazon have already begun on 1 November and according to the reports, the online retail giant is about to unroll as many as 15,000 astonishing deals until the Black Friday.

Some of the iPhone 6 cases that have featured in the lineup of Amazon discount deals are i-Blason’s Scratch Resistant Halo Series iPhone 6 cases apart from the Elago S6 Duro Case for iPhone 6.

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