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Google launched Quickoffice app on iOS for free, additional 10GB fee storage

Google, a global leader in search engine industry launched Quickoffice iOS app for free. Previously, it was paid app and available on iPad users. Now it is freely available for anyone with Google account. Quickoffice was acquired by Google on 5th June 2012. And if any user sign into his Google Account from Quickoffice before September 26th, he will get an additional of 10GB storage fro Google for 2 years.screen568x568

Quickoffice iOS 6.1.0 by Quickoffice Inc  is an app that let you create and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your iPhone and iPad or iPod touch. You need Google account to login in app, the documents  can be stored in Google Drive with free 15GB storage on cloud and you can access your files from any mobile device and computer.


Quickoffice iOS app let you view, edit or create new document. Not only Microsoft Office document but also PDFs document. It requires iOS 5.0 version or later and it is also available for Android and Chromebook users.

Why Google giving this app for free? It may be strategy of Google and this app should be develop by Microsoft instead of Google. Recently, Microsoft acquired Nokia Mobile business, it is good strategy for coming in smartphone industry but Microsoft should change it’s strategy as Google is trying to capture the market by giving free apps.

Quickoffice is available for iOS, Android and Chromebook, following links are provided for your convenience.

These are three versions of Quickoffice currently available:

  • Quickoffice for Android – Download from Google Play
  • Quickoffice for iPhone and iPad – Download from the App Store
  • Quickoffice for Chrome (beta) – Download in the Chrome Web Store

Enjoy app and let us know how do you feel while using it?

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