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Extend Samsung Galaxy S5’s Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a battery capacity of 2800mAh, but the major thing is that, 2800mAh is not sufficient for the powerhouse Samsung device to run for a whole day. Here I have shared the best tips that allow you to save your battery life and run the device for longer time.galaxy-s5-gold

By using these following tips, you can make the device to run for a longer time than its usual stand-by time. For instance, if you were not carrying travel charger, then these will definitely help you out.


Power Saving Mode: Power Saving Mode is the first thing that you should concentrate about and it is that default method that is provided by Samsung for saving battery life. By using this option, the device may run for longer time; this will power off various stuffs such as WI-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and all other things that drains the battery life. You can activate the Power Saving Mode in the setting menu itself.

Screen Time Out: By reducing the screen time out for 15 seconds, you can increase the battery standby time for a longer time. If you were keeping it for 1 or 3 minutes, it will drain more battery than keeping it for 15 seconds.

Brightness: Next step, you should minimize the brightness level in your Samsung Galaxy S5 and you can also use Auto Adjust Screen tone in your device. Higher the brightness less will drain the battery very quickly and by adjusting the battery level, you can save battery life.

Air Motion, Gestures and other features: By turning off the features such as Air Motion, Gestures and other sensors based features in the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can increase the battery life without any sort of hassle.

Bad Network and Wi-Fi: If you were using bad network, then it will make the battery to drain very faster. For better usage, it is strongly advised to use good Wi-Fi.

If you spend some dollars, you can buy an extra pack of Samsung Galaxy Battery, that will help you out in crucial moments. Apart from this, you can also buy a portable charger for a better comfort and it prevents you from suffering without low battery warning.

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