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Facebook’s new privacy policy says, it can see everything you post

Facebook comes with a little surprise with its recent privacy policy, states that “it can clearly see everything that you post in your account”. The social media giant, Facebook provides option to its users to control what sort of information that others can see. But it never makes steps that stop site operators from viewing users’ data.Facebook-Privacy-.JPEG-085e9

Facebook Privacy and Public Policy manager, Matt Scutari explained that, most of the leading social media competitors are following the same sort of privacy policy. He explained that, most of the social media websites collect information from the users to provide better service for them.


Matt Scutari explained,

“With most online services, there’s an understanding that when you use those services to share information, you’re also sharing information with the company providing the service,”

Scutari attended conference on “Privacy identity innovation” and he offered various sorts of explanation for the privacy related question. He also responded to the question asked by the audience about the availability of tools that prevent Facebook employees from looking user’s data.

He replied that there is no exact tool to prevent the employees from seeking out of users’ data. He mentioned that the company is continuously working for maintaining privacy of the Facebook users and also included the “privacy checkup” tool in his speech.

The Privacy Checkup tool shows exact information regarding the data which are visible to other users and also provide precise information about the user’s privacy. Facebook continuously rolls out various privacy policies, cookies and data policies provide best-in class service for its users.

Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan announced in the blog post that Facebook has planned to introduce a buy button as well as other new features.

Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites of the world had quite a few issues with privacy policies. This social networking site is the one who allows its users a privacy like none other, but does not allow the users to hide data from Facebook itself. The contradiction is that on one hand, you allow the users to choose, who will see their images, status updates, etcand on the other hand, you take a look at everything.

Facebook launched Privacy Basics, which is a dedicated page to help users to learn about their privacy settings, and the page offers frequently asked questions and its answers, interactive guides in 36 languages that can help users learn about blocking, untagging, unfollowing and unfriending in the social network.

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