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MasterCard and Visa to eliminate password authentication

MasterCard and Visa have revamped the password authentication method for the customers. They have finally removed the need for entering a password for identity confirmation. This is a part of the 3-D Secure scheme of the aforementioned.visa-mastercard

3D Secure 2.0 will arrive next year and it will see off the age-old system of entering secondary static passwords in order to authorize the online purchases. It will focus more on secure biometric and token based prompts rather than password infusion.


The security experts have welcomed the move by the credit card giants and called it a very smart decision. The authentication codes will actually be sent to the mobiles that are already registered before the biometric move takes place.

Ajay Bhalla, the president of enterprise security solutions at MasterCard stated, “All of us want a payment experience that is safe as well as simple, not one or the other, we want to identify people for who they are, not what they remember. We have too many passwords to remember and this creates extra problems for consumers and businesses.”

3-D Secure is not an apple of the eye for either the security experts or the users. The only benefit from the system is that banks can shift liability when it comes to fraudulent payments. The security exercised in the 3-D secure system is also not great.

A substantial number of experts are happy about the decision by the credit card giants. The Security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, Marta Janus has welcomed the decision about eradicating the password related security scheme in MasterCard and Visa. She said, “It’s pretty well-known that passwords are severely flawed: weak ones are easy to remember and easy to guess; strong ones are hard to guess, but hard to remember, so the move from MasterCard and Visa is definitely an interesting one.”

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