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Facebook’s New Privacy Policy Means Users Shouldn’t Hide Anything

Facebook is again taking a dig at your privacy. With the ever changing privacy policies, the manager of privacy and public policies at Facebook, Mr. Matt Scutari literally mocks the privacy of users to a certain extent. In fact, the manager of privacy and public policies at Facebook even condemn the privacy lovers by stating that Facebook does not even consider the option of privacy of its users for themselves. Facebook considers that there is absolutely no sense in allowing the users to hide stuff from Facebook.

Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites of the world had quite a few issues with privacy policies. This social networking site is the one who allows its users a privacy like none other, but does not allow the users to hide data from Facebook itself. The contradiction is that on one hand, you allow the users to choose, who will see their images, status updates, etcand on the other hand, you take a look at everything.


According to a statement by Mr. Matt Scutari, the manager of privacy and public policies at Facebook, at a conference on digital privacy in Palo Alto, California, the users who are so much into privacy and its issues should not share such stuffs at all. In addition, he stated that there are no such online applications that does not store any private and important data that you have.

Data and its privacy have an important topic of discussion for quite a long time now. The more important part is how do the companies collect the information and where is it used? How much secure is the data? Such doubts have been ignited furthermore owing to the various leaks of user ids and images over the past few months. Facebook on the other hand, boasts of a team which deals completely with issues related to privacy.

Privacy Basics:

Facebook Privacy Basics is a dedicated page to help users to learn about their privacy settings, and the page offers frequently asked questions and its answers, interactive guides in 36 languages that can help users learn about blocking, untagging, unfollowing and unfriending in the social network. Recently, Facebook introduced Privacy Checkup to improve the user experience.

More Control Over Facebook Ads:

Facebook is providing its users to make a single choice on advertisements that will automatically apply to all platforms – smartphones, tablets or desktops. Earlier, users were provided an option to control the ads they see on their newsfeed, and those choices were applying for the platform they made changes with. For example, if someone blocked an advertisement on Laptop, wasn’t blocking the same ad on his smartphones.

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