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Google Glass is falling off support, release date pushed back

Google Glass is one of the most anticipated technologies in the market, but it is falling off support in the current times. The experts feel that Google Glass will be a great threat to the privacy of people. It looks like not only the authorities, but also the first users of the device are losing their interest in it.i-google-glass-in-italia-alcuni-casi-duso-GoogleGlasslaunchdate

The co-founder of Google Inc. Sergey Brin was also seen without his Google Glasses recently, which have been a regular part of his attire. This gives a view that people have lost interest in the device. Google Glass is basically equipped with a camera, small computer screen on a prism and a processor. All this is mounted upon the pair of glasses.


Apart from all the aforementioned features, the Google Glass also possesses a GPS-tracking system, performance analyzer, Google Play music feature and a personal fitness tracker. When it comes to the beta version of Google Glass, it can be bought at the price of $1500 but the market launch of the device has been pushed back further. There is a great doubt looming in the company’s mind about the potential demand of the device and interest of the fans and hence, the launch date has been pushed further.

According to a latest survey among the app developers, it has been found out that they have lost interest in the development process of the device since it carries too many shortcomings and moreover, people have a little interest in it. Tom Frencel, the CEO of Little Guy Games group stated, “If there was 200 million Google Glasses sold, it would be a different perspective. There’s no market at this point.”

In the Google X division, Google Glass was one of the first products in the range. The other development projects that come under the Google X division also include a self driving car of the company. Although the response for Google Glass has been low in the market, the head of the Google X division, Chris O’Neill is still optimistic about the product and believes that fans would appreciate it once launched.

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