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Verizon Wireless to give free movies, apps, Internet on Connection Day on Nov. 26

While everyone is waiting for the Holiday season of 2014, Verizon Wireless is out with freebies and goodies for all its customers. Yes, 26th November is going to be really special as the wireless network company is celebrating Thanksgiving in a really special way. Special gifts and giveaways will be showered on all Verizon Wireless customers and even to those who subscribe to other networks.

The giveaways start from 26th November, which is being dubbed as Connection Day. Free Wi-Fi, music, apps audiobooks can be yours as Verizon is bringing exclusive stuff from Amazon and Pandora for thanking its loyal customers. The company wants to say thanks in a really big way and want you to relish each of these gifts this Thanksgiving. Wireless users will enjoy free 1 gigabyte of extra data. At home you can enjoy movies for free as Verizon FiOS, will stream it for free.


Another significant special from Verizon is the wireless internet at airports and in flights. Verizon has partnered with boingo, gogo and jetBlue. All this digital content to entertain you and make your holidays a lot more fun. Facilities like in flight Wi-Fi, Fly-Fi, advertisement free music from Pandora and two free audio books from Audible and 10 free apps from Amazon app store. Also comes along a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime, that makes you eligible for two day free shipping and unlimited streaming of shows and movies.

The name is Connection Day but all the freebies don’t finish in one day. You can get many of these goodies up to seven days, making it a fun-filled Thanksgiving week without any interruptions. Just 12 days left for this awesome gifts gala to begin. Brace yourself for choosing the right carrier and even if you did not, enjoy a great Thanksgiving from Verizon Wireless.

Here is the complete list of freebies you will get on the day of Connection Day on the website (check the source link), on November 26 2014. If you visit earlier than the said date, you could give your email ID for a reminder for the day.

  • Verizon FiOS: A compliment from Verizon FiOS that gives a special mobile access to popular TV shows and movies by downloading their FiOS preview app for free.
  • Amazon: 10 free or discounted app selection from Amazon with $10 worth of Audible book downloads for current members or two free Audible book downloads for new users.
  • Apple: A special discount offer from Apple iTunes to be revealed on the Connection Day.
  • Condé Nast: Free downloads of 17 publications (Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair, etc.)
  • Free Wi-Fi: Boingo Wireless (at airports) and Gogo Technologies (in-flight) will be giving free 30 minutes of wireless Internet.
  • Pandora Media: Pandora One will be giving a free seven-day trial offer.
  • JetBlue: JetBlue will be giving free in-flight Wi-Fi Internet access for flights between November 26-December 24.

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