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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs HTC One M8: who is the winner?

When we call something to be a brand name, we refer to companies, whose products can be depended upon at any random time of the day. To start off, I will speak it out that Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8 are two products from such brands. Now what are we here for! Well, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has created quite a hush in the among the smartphone users. The initial craze comes from the very design of the device. I will have to admit that Note Edge is different from all the Smartphones that we have seen in the Note series.galaxy-note-edge-vs-htc-one-m8

Yes, it looks different. But the question is, “Is Samsung Galaxy Note Edge better that the other leading high-end Smartphones?” This is the answer we are searching here as we compare the two best Smartphones from their respective makers: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8. Both the devices have had quite an impact of the market as both Samsung and HTC are well known among the ranks for the quality of their products. But how much their high-end devices match up on paper is yet to be seen. Although, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8 are both one of the best in the market, let us see, which one is better?


Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8


You might just give it to HTC One M8 straight away, considering that the Samsung smartphone belongs to the Note series. Although, it is quite a sure thing that Note series has quite a similar design, but Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is out of the league. With the edged display, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge does bring in a good variety to the Note series. So, in spite of the exquisite looks that M8 has, I will give in to the new design of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.


Keep in mind that Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has a curved display as well, owing to the exclusive design. Apart from that, both Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8 have quite similar display units. HTC One M8 is loaded with a Super LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and 441 ppi. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge boasts of an AMOLED screen with a higher resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels.


The only thing that can be said about both Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8 is that both are one of the fastest Smartphones currently on the market. On paper HTC One M8 is probably a bit on the slow side as it comes with a 2.3 GHz Adreno 330 Quad-core Snapdragon 801 processors compared to Note Edge’s 2.7 GHz Adreno 420 Quad-core Snapdragon 805 processors.

Operating System

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8 both come with Android KitKat installed. Thus, there is not a lot to compare about the Operating System. In addition, both the devices are expected to get a roll out with Android Lollipop in the near future.


This is a section where I will like to specify my choice again. Well, considering that I am not a professional photographer, it will be unfair to speak about minute details. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge comes with a 16 MP primary camera with Optical image stabilization, autofocus and LED flash compared to HTC One M8’s dual 4MP camera with Autofocus and double LED Flash.

Now which one is better? Speaking straight, the one with better resolution will certainly be the better one for normal photographs. So, Note Edge wins it for photographs in daylight while HTC One M8 is supposedly better with its dual flash for pictures at night. HTC One M8 comes with a 5 MP secondary camera compared to Note Edge’s 3.7 MP. Thus, for me if you are speaking about taking pictures, HTC One M8 is the one to go for.


Both Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8 can be used as a store house. Both the devices come in two variants of 32 GB and 64 GB.  In addition, both the devices provide a MicroSD card slot supporting up to 128 GB. The only difference where Samsung Galaxy Note Edge beats HTC One M8 is the size of the RAM. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge comes with a 3 GB RAM, whereas HTC One M8 comes with a 2GB. Thus, for people who consider a 1 GB difference to be important, Note Edge is the way to go.


Although, HTC One M8 comes with a slightly lesser battery, HTC has designed the smartphone is such a way that the utilization is maximized to improve the performance. For the stats, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and HTC One M8 comes with battery powers of 3000mAh and 2600mAh respectively.

The Verdict

Now, the important thing, the question that which one is better needs to be answered. There is absolutely no doubt about the quality of the products from both HTC and Samsung. Thus, the choices must be based on the requirements that you have. My choice would be Samsung Galaxy Note Edge just as a token of appreciation to the interesting build and design.

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