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Samsung fires back at NVIDIA over false benchmark results

The end of the year is expected to see another battle of the laws, which will have Samsung as a part of it. This time Samsung has taken it to NVIDIA as the smartphone maker claims that NVIDIA is using wrong statistics for promotional purposes. The reports claim that NVIDIA has used false statistics and benchmark results, while drawing a comparison between Tegra K1 and Exynos 5433. According to the reports, NVIDIA has recently compared its Shield Tablet to Samsung Galaxy Note 4, claiming that Shield Tablet has a much faster processor on offer to the users.

The comparison has not pleased Samsung as it certainly considers Exynos 5433 to be the fastest processor in the market currently. To be precise, the lawsuit filed by Samsung against NVIDIA includes 8 issues of patent right infringement, where NVIDIA violates 6 issues directly and 2 are violated by Velocity Micro, an NVIDIA client. The officials at NVIDIA have quite responsive to the lawsuits as they have already posted a clarification to the comparison they drew. According to NVIDIA, the comparison was based on the performance Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Shield Tablet and the results obtained were used for the purpose of comparison.


According to NVIDIA and a few experts, the counter lawsuit from Samsung is not surprising as NVIDIA took a dig at the Korean smartphone maker and Qualcomm a couple of months ago owing to patent infringement issues. This is the very first patent infringement lawsuit claimed by NVIDIA, which marks processors like Adreno, ARM Mali and Imagination Power VR graphics chips as infringed GPUs.

NVIDIA has a clean history and the company is very confident of the right results. In addition, the company has added that the pace and direction at which the previous lawsuit is going, it might just be a difficult time ahead for the Korean smartphone maker.

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