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CyanogenMod custom android firmware community has raised $7M for direct consumer porting

Good news for the CyanogenMod fans, as the most popular custom android development community (you may call it a firm now!) has raised $7 millions in order to find the direct route to port the software into the consumer android devices and for further development of the CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod's logo changed in early 2012 termed as Cid
CyanogenMod’s logo changed in early 2012 termed as Cid

Till now, Android ad iOS are the two different variants in mobile world and Microsoft (who acquired Nokia recently) has tried with their Windows Phone OS but not able to reach the heights. So, there is a place for the third major software platform as mobile OS and it could be the Android variant and it could be CyanogenMod!


The journey of CyanogenMod began in early May 2009, when the creator of the custom Android ROM posted a thread to show his custom firmware for T-Mobile G1 on XDAForum and slowly attracted so many developers that the community has became popular next to the original android community. Now the community has raised the fund from Benchmark Capital to turn the hobby project into a real company.

Currently CyanogenMod custom OS runs on more than 8 million android devices and the leverage is high for the community as the Chinese Xiaomi smartphone’s MiUI custom firmware is based on Cyanogen. The customization and features of their OS is much more than the original stock android.

Co-Founder Steve Kondik said:

“It would be lot of fun, and we all shared the same idea—there was a product we wanted, nobody would make it, so we did it ourselves at any cost. This idea became the ethos of our community.”

Isn’t it a good news for the open source community? Stay tuned on TND as we get more info in few days as where the CyanogenMod is heading and what could be done with the real community and fans of the firmware community.

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