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Hearthstone’s Android version and an Expansion to launch in December

Blizzard Entertainment has recently brought out the news about the arrival of the Android version of Hearthstone. The fans have gone bonkers over the announcement and acutely looking forward for its anticipated release. The Android users are in for a treat as they will get their favorite game on tablet screens.hearthstone-cards

Blizzard announced the news at Blizzcon 2014 and it will definitely send the android gamer friends on a thumping high. The Android version of Hearthstone has taken a little while before arriving at the scene, but the fans were eagerly waiting for the same. The release of the android version of the game is supposed to take place in December. The iOS version will come to the scene by January, according to the reports.


This is not the only good news that was delivered by Blizzard as they also announced an expansion for their game, Goblins vs Gnomes, which is also expected to hit the scene by December.

The readers who are not aware about Hearthstone shall know that it is a trading card game that is set with the Warcraft universe. All the matches in the game are based on individual turns and can be accessed on Blizzard’sBattle.net. There are about 20 million registered users that operate the game currently. The news sprinkled by Blizzard will definitely please an ample of gamers that are looking to play the game and experience their joy.

The double good news that has been shared by Blizzard is definitely doing rounds on the internet and has become the common topic of the town. The fans are livid with the announcement and can’t wait for the android release of their favorite game.

We will have to wait and see how it performs in the market though.

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