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The all new Mountain Dew “Dewitos” tastes like Doritos

An experiment is undoubtedly the best way to achieve something good and different. But the question is that ‘What is Pepsi is trying to achieve by mixing Mountain Dew with Doritos?’. The Reddit Post on Thursday created ripples all across the United States, as it showed Dewitos. Well, if you are still unaware of what Dewitos is, then probably you were living in the past. Coming back to the point, the images posted on Reddit showed a strange orange kind of liquid being served to the students of the Ohio University.mountain-dew-doritos

I certainly agree with all, who think that this is one of the most absurd innovations that we have come across in the recent times. Speaking to a few individuals who were subjected to the orange Mountain Dew or Dewitos, did agree that drink that was being served did taste like Doritos apparently. Well, most of them were not actually sure about the exact taste of the drink and could not even state clearly that whether they liked it or not? But this has been quite a different experience for most of them.


As soon as the images went live on Reddit, Twitter also experienced the wave of Dewitos. The social media have reacted in a strange way to this different kind of drink. The twitter reviews from the students who were subjected to the drink did not rate it as inedible, but were not sure of how to describe its taste. Some claimed that the drink tasted like Doritos and some on the other hand said that the aftertaste was like Doritos.

On the other hand, a Mountain Dew Spokesperson told that this was a part of a special campaign by which they wish to know the likings of the young generation. According to him, colleges and universities are the best places to conduct such campaigns. Whatever be it, one will have to wait to find out that whether Pepsi actually goes on with Dewitos.

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