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Apple pulls all Fitbit products from Apple Store

Following the last month’s removal of all Bose products from its stores, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) now removes all Fitbit products from Apple Store. That means, Apple is clearing its way for Apple’s own wearables, including Apple Watch.fitbit-fitness-trackers

Apple is the new kid on the block when it comes to wearables. But it surely knows how to establish its own territory, considering the fact that it is a leader in laptops, music pods and smartphone sales. Apple Watch is being teased online and the company wants it to be a great success like its many other flagship products. Thus, wearable devices are being slashed from the Apple Store in order to bring more recognition to its in-house products. Fitbit specializes in activity tracking devices, which are no longer being sold in Apple’s online stores. The reason behind this relationship gone wrong is Apple’s WWDC announcement of the HealthKit and Fitbit not wanting to make its product compatible with iOS’s HealthKit.


Fitbit is continually adding functionality into its activity trackers and soon will launch another range of wearables. As opposed to Apple’s idea of making one platform for all the health related updates, Fitbit convinced the Apple about the split. The ideological differences are clear and without stretching any further a bold move was taken. Fitbit, surely has a great advantage in the wearable market, because of its current 70% market share.

Getting kicked out of Apple stores is a disadvantage, but given all the attention will be diverted to Apple’s own product when it launches, it might be a good sign for Fitbit. Both companies will be competing in the same segment now as Apple Watch is Apple’s foray into wearables and it is designed to be an overall multipurpose gadget. Fitbit Surge is also the company’s first smartwatch with more than 8 sensors to track fitness and add more functionality.

It is not the first time Apple has taken such a move. Earlier due to a rift between Beats and Bose, it discontinued selling Bose speakers and other products. Apple had a great relationship with Bose, which has come to an end last week. Bose products especially headphones and speakers were sold at Apple stores both online and offline. The sound quality and engineering of Bose kept it on the top of the audio industry and Apple loves combining innovative products to compliment their gadgets.

Fitbit is not a victim in our opinion, rather this removal from Apple store is an indicator that Apple is scared of better products.

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