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Blizzard Overwatch: A Shooter Game you will Love [Video]

With time new things are bound to happen. Such is the case with Blizzard Entertainment, a two decade old game developing company that gave the World of Warcraft to the gaming world. Blizzard is out with a brand new game after 17 long years. The wait is worth it as the grand launch of its new game called Overwatch, is nothing short of a dream. The launch happened at BizzCon, company’s own fan base event. All the excitement was fulfilled as the fans were shown a cinematic-style trailer of the shooter game Overwatch. A legendary way to exhibit a new game.overwatch

BlizzCon 2014 is happening this weekend at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. Coming to the game Overwatch, it has a brand new feel, characters and storyline, which makes it worth a shot. The brand value of Blizzard is the icing on the cake. The shooter game for PC revealed a cyborg gorilla character, which you can opt to play with and save the world playing this game. The games graphics are cartoon styled and as the Senior Vice President of Blizzard described Overwatch’s story development as being ‘all about the heroes’.


Overwatch game has original superheroes and the gorillas is just one of the amazing characters. The team based shooter game has characters like Hanzo, the archer or Widowmaker, the sniper. Each has its own skills and powers, which you can use in the 15 minute match you are going to play.

Blizzard Entertainment has totally surprised more than 25,000 fans present at the event. But the company has broken all stereotypes in the past and this is no short of an excellent attempt. The fans who saw the trailer launch at the event were also pleased to attend the live demonstration of the game there. The game will be available publicly in 2015 but you can sign up for beta play. If you are in California you can go attend the BizzCon event and watch the action live.

Watch the Gameplay trailer of Overwatch:

Watch the cinematic trailer of Overwatch:

Warcraft Movie cast and characters revealed:

The greatest fantasy franchise, Warcraft has stepped ahead in creating media for its gaming audience. Warcraft movie is an attempt to tell one of the special stories of this world in a different format. Duncan Jones will be directing this movie adaptation and it is set to release in 2016. There are so many characters in the Warcraft universe and this live-action film will place them in the cinemas worldwide.

The movie is a challenge in itself and the project that was conceived in 2006, will be released by Universal Pictures in 2016. The storyline is based on the face-off between humans and Orcs. But the real deal is the fair representation of both sides. The choice remains in the hands of the viewer, which side they are on and support in the rivalry. Duncan Jones, the director and co-screenplay writer of the film said,” Telling a story where you really allow the audience to empathize and feel for both sides is unusual in war movies alone.” Read more here.

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