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Google makes people wary of manual account hijack

Google is mostly concerned about its users and one of the main concerns of the Tech Giant is related to manual hijacking. The company has warned its users about the danger of ‘manual hijacking’. Manual hijacking is meant by the scenario when a hacker preys on a single victim’s account.account-hijackers

Google has explained that such incidents occur only 9 times per million of their users, but it is also aware of the fact that this problem can be devastating at times. The user can also lose money due to the same, which is a great threat to a regular user.


The Anti-Abuse research lead at the search engine company, Elie Bursztein stated, “Manual hijackers often get into accounts through phishing: sending deceptive messages meant to trick you into handing over your username, password, and other personal info. For this study, we analyzed several sources of phishing messages and websites, observing both how hijackers operate and what sensitive information they seek out once they gain control of an account.”

There are a couple of fake fraud websites that have fooled the users so many times that it is equivalent to a whopping 45%. Such pages were however being credited only 14% of the times though.

The skilled hackers can access the account within half an hour of stealing the login details of the user. They only take about 20 minutes in sweeping out the real user from his stored data and perform the stealing process.

Bursztein was extremely concerned about the same and hence he also said, “Hijackers then send phishing emails from the victim’s account to everyone in his or her address book, since your friends and family think the email comes from you, these emails can be very effective.”

He actually made the users wary of unclaimed messages that ask for their personal data. Manual hijacking is a serious concern and the Google Authorities have taken the steps towards rectifying it in the right direction.

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