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These Are The Best Productive Business Laptops

Laptops are the making and breaking points of any business to say the least. They determine the productivity and class of the company’s working. The more efficient a laptop is, the better are the results and hence the productivity. An ample of business laptops have been released recently but only a few have been able to impress the business users who don’t compromise a single bit on the quality concerns. A few of the features that define a good business laptop are display, computing power and a great battery life.

Banking on all these points, we have created a list of 5 productive and powerful business laptops for you. Here they are:


Lenovo ThinkPad W540:

When it comes to business related work, there is barely any contemporary to Lenovo ThinkPad W540. It carries powerful features within and is rated high by the critics. However, it comes with a high end price tag which is marked at $2,573. Talking about the specs, this magnificent laptop packs a screen size of 15.6 inches with a 2880 x 1620 resolution IPS display and a high end 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7-4800MQ processor. Not only this, the laptop also possesses an Nvidia Quadro K2100M graphics card to go along with.


In simple words, this machine can take care of everything ranging from a simple word document to processing multiple spreadsheets at the same time. Lenovo ThinkPad W540 is wrapped with a magnesium rollcage too, that protects it from any sort of fall or accident.

If your business revolves around heavy computing power and your work is too demanding, then Lenovo ThinkPad W540 makes up for one of the best business computers available in the market. It has been used by an ample of people and many of them have come out with a praise for the machine. Talking about the battery life of the laptop, it lasts for three hours and seven minutes, which is low considering the expectations but we can blame it on the high resolution of the laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad W540 is a powerful system that contains great power to be working for long business hours. If you can manage the price tag it carries, there cannot be a better alternative to this laptop in the market considering business usage.

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Dell Precision M6800:


Dell Precision M6800 is one of the most pampered and powerful products of the company so far. The price tag of the 17.3-inch laptop justifies the previous line. It costs the user a whopping $3,590 in the market. Now you would be wondering why and how a person can pay such a big amount for owning just a laptop. We have the reasons lined up for you.

The build of the laptop is high-end and calls for excellence. Moreover, it is dust and temperature resistance to add stars to its legacy. There are a few points on which Dell Precision M6800 sells in the market like fire in the woods. It has four USB 3.0 ports along with D-Sub HDMI and DisplayPort outputs, two audio jacks, an Ethernet socket and an SDXC card slot, ExpressCard, ESATA and Smart Card Slots. Apart from all these chunks, the laptop also has a docking station connector to go along with a physical Wi-Fi switch.

Dell Precision M6800 weighs 3.8Kg and the thickness of the same is measured at 40mm. It is actually bigger than its counterparts. The laptop easily adjusts itself when there is a transition from bigger tasks into smaller ones.

Battery of Dell Precision M6800 lasts for three hours. However, if the screen brightness is kept to 25 %, the battery time increases to four hours. When it comes to versatility and power, Dell Precision M6800 stands out among the rest. We can easily confer that Dell Precision M6800 is one of the best productive laptops for business.

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HP EliteBook 8540w:

HP EliteBook 8540w is known for packing the power and corporate features within, which attracts the business users more often than not. It comes up with a rugged design that is ideal for a demanding usage. It resists dust, humidity, high temperatures and what not. The transition from indoor work to outdoor work is also quite easy and on the tips.


The metal finish of the laptop provides it with a unique charm that is completed by its sleek design and light weight. HP EliteBook 8540w weighs just 3Kg and hence it makes up for a good business travel partner for the user. However, the battery back up of the laptop is not that great and lasts for only 224 hours, which pushes the idea of traveling with it away. The screen size of the laptop is 15.6 inches and it possesses a keyboard studded with responsive keys.

The NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 GPU provides a chance for the user to perform design multimedia tasks at ease. Now talking about the price, HP EliteBook 8540w comes with the tag of $300. It is one of the cheapest laptops in our list when it comes to business work.

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Dell Precision M3800:

It is a high end laptop for business users that comes with a price tag of $2236. It is powerful, portable and possesses every feature that a business user potentially looks for. It is based on a Haswell Intel Core i7 processor with NVIDIA Quadro graphics card with 16GB of memory.


The best part about Dell Precision M3800 is its unbelievably light weight, which is measured at 1.8 Kg. Hence, it can prove to be a great business travel partner for the user. The glossy screen of the laptop measures a size of 15.6 inches that showcases text and graphics in the best possible state. The ‘3200*1800 QHD+’ display of the laptop makes for a great user experience. Not only the graphics of the laptop are jaw dropping, but its design is also incredible. Its body possesses a silver gray aluminum cover with curved edges which makes it very easy for the user to type without any hassles.

Dell Precision M3800 works on 2.2GHz Core i7 4702HQ quad-core processor that can lead up until 3.2 GHz while working in the Turbo mode. These are power packed features that take the performance factor of the laptop to a great extent.

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Fujitsu Celsius H730:

Fujitsu Celsius H730 is again a glorious laptop intentionally designed for the business users. Its internals are overly powerful and hence it satiates all the work demands of the working professionals. For 3D animation, designing and financial services, this laptop makes up for one of the best in the market. Fujitsu Celsius H730 comes with Windows 7 or Windows 8 and other antivirus softwares. They all can be activated for free.


When we talk about the physical features of the laptop, it possesses a screen with a size of 15.6 inches that packs a full HD display. Fujitsu Celsius H730 is pretty when it comes to looks. Talking about the internal features, the laptop possesses an Intel Core series Haswell CPU along with NVIDIA Quadro graphics.

The manufacturers have taken special care for the security of business users and hence, there is a fingerprint scanner installed in the laptop that calls for a very low false acceptance rate of 0.001%. Fujitsu’s channel partners offering the laptop at the price of $1955, which is a fair price considering its features and performance.

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