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This is the coolest Honda dual story advertisement campaign [Video]

With its renowned technology, reliability and engineering excellence, Honda bring in a new digital campaign for its all-new Honda Civic Type R, where the video viewers can experience two stories built right into one video by pressing the key “R” on their keyboard.honda-civic-r-dual-story-ad-campaign

The three-minute ad campaign created by the Honda team impresses a lot with the new type of advertising, uncovering a new “Red H” badge model of Civic Type R by Honda. Watch the video right after the break, below.


According to Honda:

The all-new Civic Type R, the wild child alter-ego of the Civic hatchback, is a perfect embodiment of this other side. Launching next year, it promises to be the most extreme and high-performing model to wear the famous ‘Red H’ badge.

The storyline goes like this: In one side of the high-adrenaline story, where in the daytime, a father picks his daughter and her friend from school in White Honda Civic Type R to a surprise party. And in another side of the story, in the night-time, an undercover cop delivers some art thieves to a police sting in his Red Honda Civic Type R. Watch the Honda dual story ad video and experience the thrill and technology.

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