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Box introduced Notes beta, competing to Google Docs, available in coming weeks.

Box, the successful & still growing cloud storage company has introduced the new feature “Box Notes”, which aims at the rivals like Google Docs and Microsoft’s SkyDrive.



The features and working is similar to that of Google Docs/Drive collaboration, such as creating/editing/sharing documents with the real time editing with the other users of Box.

Jonathan Berger, Product manager said in the blog post:

“Box Notes is a new way to create documents and work in real-time with others on Box. Our long-term vision is to continue to build a product that makes it easier to capture and share information”

There are many new tools and utilities introduced like “Note Heads”, where the profile photos of the co-workers will appear in the leaft margin when working on a Note with friends and co-workers. The inline toolbar appears only after highlighting some texts, which offers to annotate a note or leave feedback for others.

Currently Box Notes is in private beta phase and only will be available for few users. You may request to the early access of the Beta version of the Box Notes. The private beta roll-out will begin in coming weeks – said Jonathan Berger. The general release will be on the early 2014.

Box, has already added millions of users into their product by providing free space in different offers such as Dell giveaway, Share with friends and more. Now, it’s the time to give some more to the user base, which can ultimately bring millions more!

Check the intro video below:

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