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Canada fines Google $2,250 for ‘profane’ Street View photo of a woman

The internet giant, Google has been fined for 2250 Canadian dollars (approx. $2000 USD) for capturing a picture of a lady’s cleavage with her house and car registration plate through its Street View map.google-street-view-car

Google has captured an image of a women and with her personal parts, which results in a fine of 2,250 Canadian dollars. Canadian judge has fined Google for showing private property and disrupting the privacy of Maria Pia Grillo.


Canadian Judge Alain Breault, described as follows and ordered Google to pay $2,250,

“In addition to malicious comments and humiliation she suffered at work, the plaintiff, in particular, has experienced a significant loss of personal modesty and dignity, two values that she held and are eminently respectable,”

Google has declined to comment and Ms Mario Pia Grillo claimed that, she has been continuously suffering from mockeries, disrespectful, derisions and other sexual comments. Initially, she had sued for $45,000 for the damages that Google has done for her.

Google has blurred her image, similar to other images captured by Google’s Street View cars. But, in this case, Grillo house and car registration plate has been clearly shown in the captured images. In the month of March 2009, the image has been captured and released in October 2009, Grillo has already requested the Google to remove the image, but she didn’t receive any reply from it.

Grillo mentioned in the court documents as,

“This puts me, my house, my vehicle and my family members that I live with at the mercy of potential predators. I feel very vulnerable knowing that the information is available to anyone with internet access. The damage has been done,”

Grillo filed a lawsuit in Canadian small court in 2011 and court ordered to blur the images as requested by Grillo. Also, her house has blurred in the captured image by Google and removed her image from the Google Street View map.


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