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SanDisk brings the fastest memory card

SanDisk, the memory specialists recently revealed the fastest memory card named Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 Memory card. SanDisk has provided a lot of great products in the market lately. Starting from memory cards to USB drives a wide range of products have been contributed by SanDisk. Now after launching of this memory card, SanDisk has stretched the limits of the memory sector.



As per SanDisk, this memory card can read data for speeds up to 450 MBPS and write data for speeds up to 350 MBPS. Great, Isn’t It?? Speed is not only the factor which makes this memory card awesome, but these memory cards come with pin-less designs and unique serial numbers.

The owners can use these serial numbers to register these memory card with SanDisk customer support. At present this memory card is not widely available and only a limited products come with this memory card with one being Arri Amira camera. Other cameras like Arri XT and Classic can also use this memory card by connecting them with an adapter.

Many people are still using old memory cards with low reading and writing speeds, but the company is stretching the limits by putting 256GB in a memory card. No doubt that this 256GB will lower your pockets by $1,809. We don’t know if CFast memory cards will be USB 3.0 enabled or not but at present it only supports USB 2.0 reader. This memory card will soon be available in US and Europe and it will definitely be a treat for the photographers residing in US and Europe.

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