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The ‘Hybrid’ Net Neutrality Proposal by FCC Would Split The Internet

The  Federal Communications Commission is looking to balance up the needs and requirements of the customers with the idea of ISP’s to charge on net organizations unfixed prices for quick speeds.internet-loading

According to the new approach by the FCC, World Wide Web will be seen as a public utility and therefore, the government is trying to figure out how they will fix the prices and usage of the same. If the proposal by the FCC is accepted in reality, it will split the internet into two entities; that is retail world wide web and wholesale.


The government is trying to make sure that ISP’s do not carry the capability to decide on how the service is presented to digital organizations. The government is also trying to regulate the prices that the ISP’s charge for their services. ISP’s like AT&T provide services to several content providers at different rates and the government wants to set the same price for the same.

The retail transactions are stated as net services that ISP’s transfer directly to the customers. These transactions would also be regulated in some ways by the government.

The proposal is yet to come to order, but there are rumors that it will be announced publicly next month. The last two proposals that were being put forward by the FCC were turned down by the federal courts and hence, it is hard to assume if this proposal will be given any weight age by the courts.

The ISP’s will definitely look to challenge the proposal if it is made public by the FCC. Meanwhile, watch this video:

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