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Android co-founder Andy Rubin says goodbye to Google

Andy Rubin, Co-founder of Android mobile business is leaving the Google to start his own start-up. Mr. Rubin is interested in building technologies as well as hardware products regarding technologies.andy-rubin-google

Mr. Rubin, current head of nascent robotics effort, going to start his own startup for building technology hardware products and Google spokesman said that the Google will remain continue investing in the robotics sector. James Kuffner, a research scientist will replace the place of Andy Rubin in the robotics sector and will become head of the sector.


Google CEO Larry Page said,

“I want to wish Andy all the best with what’s next”,“With Android he created something truly remarkable- with a billion-plus happy users. Thank you.”

Android was acquired in the year of 2005 and Mr Rubin helped the Google to make it a world top most mobile operating system and after that, he switched his role in robotics. Mr Rubin’s entrepreneurial spirit makes him to lead various sectors and the Google spokesman declined to comment about regarding Mr Rubin departure.

Scott Strawn, an analyst at research firm IDC said,

“It’s surprising and sounds pretty unplanned,” “If it was voluntary on Mr. Rubin’s part, you would think he would see part of the robotics project through to completion to have something to show publicly before leaving.”

Mr Rubin has an obsession with robotics and he stepped down from Android operating system to pursue his dream. In the year of 2013, Mr Rubin has seen Google various acquisitions of robotics companies and this made his dream became true. Last year, the co-founder of Android (which was acquired by Google in August 17, 2005) handed over the Android department to Google’s Sunder Pichai, who has recently taken even more responsibility of Google’s key products and services.

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