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Sony appoints Hiroki Totoki as its new mobile division chief

Sony has appointed Hiroki Totoki as Sony Mobile Communications head to tackle the problems in smartphone business. The new head will replace Kunimaza Suzuki by November who is slated to become the executive vice president of Sony Entertainment.Sony-Xperia-Z2

Despite the company best efforts by introducing a range of phones with premium features the smartphone business with the company has been lagging for some years. The company has posted a loss of £1 billion (176 billion yen) though the company had a 1.2 increase in revenue from last year. The lack of a major presence in the US and China is seen as a major drawback to Sony’s mobile business. The company has lowered the sales forecast to 41 million for the year from the earlier July’s prediction of 43 million.


A major part of Sony’s revenue is from the sales of the PS4 which raked in £1.7 billion (310 billion yen), a 83 growth in the games division when compared to last year’s revenue. A growth of 187 percent was also reported in Sony’s devices business. With a 7.2 increase in Sony’s revenue an overall loss of £481 million (85.6 billion yen) was reported which was likely due to the poor performance of Sony Mobile Communications.

Sony will announce its earnings today and the company is set to cut down smartphone shipments. The company had hoped to ship 50 million smartphones by the end of the fiscal year on March 31 and was further slashed to 43 million units in July. Sony did not comment on the appointment of the new head. Totoki is expected to take control of the division by November 16 and is set to take important decisions to revamp the smartphone business.

The most likely moves by the company are increasing presence in countries like America, Europe and China and offering smartphones at competitive prices in the market.

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